We are a great online source for those that want a little more when it comes to their housekeeping & service needs. We help you find talented workers and first class entertainment, and we offer complete discretion. If you have an upcoming event or project, or an ongoing need for help, why not hire one of our talented members, get your work done, and have some fun while you’re at it?

How does it work?

You can start by using the "browse members" area at the right of most pages, where you can search the members in our database based by location, attire, category of work, sexual orientation, or age. You can also use the "search members" link at the top of most pages to perform a search based on things you already know, like member id or name. When you are ready to schedule someone to come take care of your cleaning or other service needs, you will need to create an account (register) by simply giving us an email address and a log-in password. Once you are logged in, just click the “CHECK AVAILABILITY!” button to see if the worker you are interested in is available on the date and time you wish. We can usually confirm availability within minutes of your request!

What does it cost?

Member rates are set by the members themselves and vary, but are typically higher for topless or nude work. Some members charge an additional fee per hour for work performed after 9pm until 7am. Members also set the minimum number of hours for a booking. You can find all these details by looking at a member’s profile. All workers must be paid for hours booked upon arrival, or paid in advance using our escrow service. Of course, all of our members appreciate tips as well! Payments can be made by cash, and some members accept checks and/or credit/atm cards. All bookings require acceptance of the site terms and conditions and our booking agreemment before work is started.

Escrow service

Use of our escrow service can be requested by either our members or clients. For example, members might request that the client deposit the money for a booking into our escrow service before they make a long trip to the client’s location, or show up late at night. On the flip side, the client might request to use this service rather than pay the money in advance directly to the member, to ensure that the member will show up at their location. This service is designed to protect both the member’s and the client’s interests.

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